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Who We Are

HCP is a multi-disciplinary Consultancy company offers architecture, engineering, and Master planning. we have completed more than 2,700 projects in over 40 countries. We are renowned for our iconic buildings and our commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability

HCP was founded in 1986 and with headquarters in Málaga (Spain) and has been growing worldwide having nowadays offices in Madrid, Brazil, Bahrain and Nigeria. In addition associated offices in Morocco, Rumania, Cape Verde and Cairo.

How We Work

Collaboration is a guiding force at HCP, as we believe that the best results stem from an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. With our clients as our partners, we approach each project as a unique challenge. Our integrated practice brings together experts in architecture, interiors, engineering, and urban planning to create innovative solutions.

What We Create

HCP portfolio contains some important design achievements of the 20th and 21st centuries, from residential districts and mixed use towers to mega master plans with all components.

We address requirements and constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity, artistry, technology and strategy – designing buildings that make a statement, conserve natural resources and enrich the human experience. We also fully subscribe to intelligent building design and harness tools like parametric modeling, simulation, virtual reality, building information modeling, and prototyping to design the best way forward.